logviz3LogViz is an advanced well-log plotting and visualization package resulting from customer feedback and usability studies.

With advanced analysis and customization capabilities, you will no longer have to ask "Can we do this?".



  • Fully customizable grid-lines and styles (logarithmic, linear, stepping, line colors & sizes)
  • Numerous depth scale types including Date/Time as well as TVD, MD, and VS scales
  • Horizontal or Vertical orientation
  • Full support for including tool run, mud, and hand data
  • Export directly to single-page TIFF
  • Transformation formulas can be applied per-curve (transform an annular pressure curve to ECD, etc..)
  • Full support for loading and saving projects
  • Data sources include LAS, DDB, and LiveLog (get your data straight from the Internet!)
  • Advanced fill capabilities (including "between" and positive/negative fills)
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity and ease of use
  • Fully customizable header text
  • Automatic conversion from metric to/from imperial where applicable
  • Supports locking a curve to a different depth type than the rest of the plot (you can mix TVD & MD curves and scales)