Day Tracker

DayTracker streamlines elements of the drilling process from project initialization to database management. Track inventory location, condition, performance history and maintenance records with DayTracker’s impressive logistics capabilities. Produce reliable data by standardizing and simplifying collection methods at all stages. Data is aggregated to produce timely information for individual and multi-well applications. All documents and data for a project are consolidated in Daytracker’s intelligent database equipped with versatile management options. Developed for both operator and service company applications.

  • Office and field level clearance for tailored interface and roles
  • Integration with Datalogger for accurate data acquisition (can run independently also)
  • Highly customizable daily activity tracking alongside drilling parameters
  • Tabs for surveys, mud logs, pipe tally, field charges, safety reports, etc.
  • Detailed daily and end of well reporting options
  • Customizable inventory tracking and management options
  • Personnel and asset management
  • Bi directional information exchange between operator and service company
  • Office level database for all active and historical jobs
  • Versatile database filters for aggregating custom data sets
  • Data summaries and comparisons for comprehensive multi-well performance analysis
  • Summarize and compare performance on personnel and inventory
  • Identify bit founder with real time, physics based performance optimization