What is it?

The Correlator is an application to import memory dumps from various down-hole tools and reference them with depths in a DigiDrill Log Database (DDB). This application can be used in a variety of ways, from increasing log resolution to performing quality testing on the data recorded by your down-hole instruments.


How does it work?

The Correlator can take time/depth information from an existing DDB, or can import this data from an LAS file. With time/depth info we can then import memory dump data and generate a depth-based log from the time-based data.

What memory import types do you support?

Manufacturer Format Data Types
CBG Corp. Serial, BFR Resistivity, Gamma, Temperature
Titan Specialities, LTD. XML Gamma, Temperature, Vibration
Bench Tree Txt Log Gamma, Temperature
G.E. PRN Gamma
Universal Power CSV Temperature, Vibration
Pulse Directional LAS-style Resistivity, Gamma
APS CSV Gamma, Temperature, Vibration
Bench Tree DirD Txt Survey
Bench Tree GenVar Txt Generic Variables
Bench Tree SHK Txt Shock/Vibration
Charger Batteries CSV Shock/Vibration
Compass Directional Guidance Txt Resistivity
Deteq Txt Gamma, Shock/Vibration
Pason CSV Surface
Sondex Pilot Txt Gamma
Tolteq CSV Surface, Gamma, Temperature, Shock/Vibration, WITS
Totco/NOV CSV Surface, WITS