Custom Machining

Custom Machining

DigiDrill provides your oil & gas drilling systems with up-to-date downloads.



DigiDrill offers manuals, technical support , and other resources online and is customized to meet your needs.

Hardware & Equipment


Our hardware includes a full depth tacking system, designed to accommodate all types of drilling applications. We offer three types of hook load sensors, and two types of depth encoders, which all plug and play into our USB connected data box.

Software that runs the oil and gas drilling industry.


Digital Drilling Data Systems, LLC is a Houston, TX based company specializing in software and hardware systems for oil & gas drilling operations.

We offer a range of software designed for logging, importing, and interpreting MWD/LWD, GAMMA and RESISTIVITY data.

Sling-Shot, our newly developed trajectory survey tool was designed to be compact, reliable and easy to use. The tool has Single-shot or Multi-Shot capabilities, with surveys displayed on the tool or via a USB port to your computer.

Beyond providing these shrink-wrap solutions we also offer custom software development, machining services, and electronic component/tool design.


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